Dio Engine Swap Question

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Dio Engine Swap Question

Post by SpreeorDie85 » Sun Mar 26, 2017 10:47 am

What version of the Dio engine is the best for the Spree? I looked up the engines on ebay there are some JDM ones but some many version AF27, AF34 live ,AF28 Super Dio etc... I understand they are different years, dif plugs etc. What is the best one for an 86 Honda Spree. Now when I say best I REALLY mean least amount of modification such as changing plugs, splicing wires etc.., Ive looked at the engine mount on hondaspree wiki, ive found some part list on here. But electronic wise nothing. Is there a version with more AF support then the others?

Im looking to hit 50- 60 and be able to actually drive in traffic lol no highway tho. Right now because of how slow the Nq50 is and how freakin insane people drive in Dallas/Ft. Worth its pretty scary to be the slow guy on the road. I mainly stick to neighborhood streets or cruz with my homie who has a 125 cc swaped mini dirt bike.

Ive done multiple engine/transmission swaps on 90's honda/acuras so the engine swap concept is very familar to me & something that Ive come to embrace. I just want to avoid the major headaches along the way if possible.

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Re: Dio Engine Swap Question

Post by Wheelman-111 » Sun Mar 26, 2017 7:59 pm


The AF16 was the last 2-Stroke to be sold Officially here in the U. S. and A. Subsequent versions AF18 and all, were not sold in any scooters here. Consequently Aftermarket support would need to come from Asia, expensive, I assume there were performance improvements and/or emissions improvements on later 2-stroke generations, but that's not even certain. For sure the 1st year AF18 is LESS desirable because Honda-san went back to a skinnier crank on the output side.

It would therefore appear than an AF16 would be the way to go, unless you just MUST have the latest Honda engineering wizardry. A Polini Corsa cylinder kit with mediocre tuning on a 16 block will easily exceed your performance goals, and stuff will be easy to find.
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