Before you post, Read this

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Before you post, Read this

Post by noiseguy » Wed Dec 08, 2004 11:48 am

Here are 4 quick tips for getting an answer RIGHT now, no waiting. It's very possible the question you have has been addressed already.

1: Read the Wiki, located here:

2: Read the Tech Docs, located here:

3: Read the Honda Factory Service manual; service manuals for most Honda 50cc scooters are located here:

4: Use the search function located here:

When you post:

Members of the forum need to remember that when you write the subject titles, other users are going to judge what the post is about by reading them. This website is first an active forum, but it is also a database of information. There are a lot of users that cruise this forum looking for information about problems they are having with their Spree. They may never post if they find the info they need, and that's fine by me. Answering the same question over and over again sucks.

With that in mind:
- Subjects should be spelled correctly within your ability. This aids in searching.

- Subjects should have enough info for the reader to determine what the post is about.

The worst possible example? "Help Me" taglines, with no other info. Help with what, is your house on fire? Abducted by aliens?

Happy scooting.
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