NH80 Honda Aero 80 Piston Rings - Where to buy???

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NH80 Honda Aero 80 Piston Rings - Where to buy???

Post by wiliamJ » Tue Jul 21, 2020 11:33 am


I recently acquired a 1985 Honda Aero NH80 with a damaged crank case ( points where exhaust bolted on was broken off). Since crank bearings are no longer in production I opted to buy a used engine then transfer over all the good parts (since I didnt want to damage the bearings splitting and reassembling the case).

I am having a hard time finding piston rings for the scooter, Honda doesn't sell them anymore and any time I try and buy them online a week later I get an email saying they don't have them. I did find one ebay seller with them for $115 but that seams way to high, most recently I tried to purchase rings from a different ebay seller and received a notification that the order was canceled earlier today.

Does anyone know where I could get replacement rings for an 1985 Aero 80?
Is there such thing as generic rings?
Is it a terrible idea to just reuse the rings from my original motor (that was apparently running fine before the crank case damage)
Is there an opportunity to use CR80 piston rings?

Thanks for your help!

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