87 Honda Spree Dead (Need help/advice)

Trying to get your Spree/Elite to run, or run better? Post your questions here.

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87 Honda Spree Dead (Need help/advice)

Post by DragRacer88 » Tue Aug 04, 2020 10:36 am

So....Sunday on the way to work, I experienced strange sounds, like clacking and the Honda died 3 times, with loss of power/speed.

At first, I thought it was the engine or clutch overheating (bike dropped from 25/30 to 5 mph or less)

But later found it was losing compression.

(Been hot and humid here in NC lately)

Had my Team do a top end rebuild, new carb install, new NGK Spark Plug installation, and check the drivetain and belt condition within the last 2 weeks.

Sunday evening heading home from work, it lost speed and was screaming with the issues again. This time permanently dying on me during a storm.

Had to walk it miles to the nearest mechanic shop and they confirmed it has no compression.

I'm guessing the clacking may be a bottom end issue. Either a main crank bearing going out, the rod broken, hole in the piston or something.

I'm waiting to see when the bike can be picked up and repaired.

Do they have bottom end rebuild kits or am I better off getting another motor for 115 to 200 dollars?

Or maybe getting an elite or better motor?

I've put about 2k miles on it since I got it. Bought the Honda from a shop in North Wilkesboro at 1400 miles.

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Re: 87 Honda Spree Dead (Need help/advice)

Post by motormike » Tue Aug 04, 2020 2:10 pm

I can't make your decision for you, I don't know the availability of bottom end parts for Spree.
Might be hard to get those parts, or impossible, long waits. and expensive.
What I can tell you is that Elite 50 with the AF16 engine is a far better choice for a pit bike with endless supply of parts and
MUCh better performance than Spree would ever be.
My "advice", based on my 50+ years of scooter and motorcycle ownership, is to buy a '94-'01 Honda Elite AF16, or a Yamaha Zuma, or Jog.
Those 3 bikes are, IMHO, my first choice for pit bike. I've also spent a lot of years around racing of ALL kinds, having lived in INDY more than 30 years.
Sell that Spree for the parts it has left on it that are often very desired by restorers and recover some of your cost for a different bike.
Best of luck...motor... :urban:
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Re: 87 Honda Spree Dead (Need help/advice)

Post by DragRacer88 » Tue Aug 04, 2020 3:09 pm

Ok. Not sure what I can do just yet. Not my decision entirely.

I guess we'll tear it down, see what is wrong with The Honda and make the Decision from there.

I have a bracket race coming up, so it's 28 days to prep.

I bought the Spree for 800. Not sure how much of that I can get back, but I'll see what The Team says.

Thanks Motormike.

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