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Posted: Fri Sep 18, 2020 8:28 am
by jranilovich
Some one have some information PLEASE,,

So i have been trying to reline and rebuild a couple clutches i have for a couple stock honda sprees i have..

I had a clutch rebuilt by JW and when they regreased the bearing he put so much grease in it once i rode it grease slung all over the new clutch pads & belt and by the time it started slipping and i took a look it was to late the the clutch pads were shot.. Now i have been trying to replace the pad on my clutches and have been pretty sucessfull(See pics), the problem i am having is it seems that the clutch is staying enganged even while sitting at an idle , also take off is terrible like the clutch is not slipping enough to get the motor into the power band of RPM. (Thats just my guess) once i get up to the power band the scooter rips i can do almost 35mph with my 40year old * on it... and they are all pretty much just stock sprees with 87 upgrades like kick start , all have 13t dive shafts , and they all have 84 heads with 87 pistons..

I have tried new clutch springs the yellow one in the yahmaha cw50 kit that everyone on here says to use. i have tried 3 differant clutch shoe setups, i have replaced the rubber dampiners for the clutch shoes.I just can't seem to find any info as far as seviceing the clutch its self any advise or direction would be cool. i know my problem is in the clutch becuase i bought a almost new one of ebay and with that on the scooter standing still and accelerating the bike with get on its back wheel in a second and with the rebuilt clutch it just bogs down and does nothing...anyinfo on where to look or where to get new contra springs or clutch lining would be awesome.

last thing new clutch pads are 3.5 mm also have tried alittle smaller and alittle bigger on thickness does not seem to matter.

clutch reline.jpg
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Posted: Mon Sep 28, 2020 12:26 pm
by Volvo850R
I had the same issue. The slots that the clutch springs clip into were wore out and stretched open. I got new springs and JB epoxy steel on the holes to stiffen up springs. Mich better now


Posted: Tue Sep 29, 2020 1:32 pm
by jranilovich
Awesome thanks for the info i will check them out...