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1985 NQ50 fuel level gauge wire

Posted: Sat Sep 19, 2020 11:55 am
by pcs0snq
Trying to figure out did Honda use a 3 or 2 wire tank level sender on the 1985 model. Mine is 3 and my harness has 2 wires. Gage just sits past E, maybe moves lower some with green ground connected and one or the others connected. I removed the sender and checked for resistance change and that looks good.
Anyone know?

Re: 1985 NQ50 fuel level gauge wire

Posted: Mon Sep 28, 2020 2:29 am
by mousewheels
85 and 84 Sprees used a 2 wire fuel sensor.

When a 3 wire fuel sensor is used in 84-85 Sprees, the readings will be low as you describe.
Spree_Three_Wire_Change_Year.JPG (34.78 KiB) Viewed 111 times