My Spree is running. Important lessons learned

Trying to get your Spree/Elite to run, or run better? Post your questions here.

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My Spree is running. Important lessons learned

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Hi all, Thanks for the comments on the other two posts I made asking questions. I'm going to be submitting some stuff with pictures concerning the voyage to having a running Spree. The true noob needs a little less technical talk with pictures.

I bought a motor from an Ebay picker (makes money buying/selling stuff). He kindly offered to help. An hour or so out of my way but I'm really a noob so I needed to do this. Fortunately Sunday was an absolutely great day to work on the bike outside.

So the first thing I learned is that I've been doing the throttle cable to carburetor wrong the whole time. It needs to seat a lot lower than anything I could find here. Pictures would have been nice. Or maybe all my studying didn't produce the correct results. Anyway, I needed to know that viewing the cable from the air box side, that long beveled piece needed to go almost to the bottom. So there was that.

Then I found out that the throttle cable spring was weak so the throttle hand control wasn't returning all the way to idle. He replaced that.

Then, the rear brake cable was shot and his part bike had a serviceable one so that's working too.

The 1986 Spree is home and running very well. I am still studying how to set the two screws on the carburetor properly. I know that one is idle speed and one is air/fuel mixture but there weren't a lot of pictures with the instructions.

I'll also be looking at the brake assembly in the rear tire, might need to be greased or lubed. It responds to the cable but is a little rough.

I still have one poser that I haven't figured out. My fuel gauge has been at half since I bought the Spree about 10 years ago. I'm going to look for information on that but any help/advice is appreciated.
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