2000 Elite SA50P mild build

Does your Spree/Elite already run great, and you're trying to make it quicker/faster? Need a monster motor swap? Discuss your ideas here.

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2000 Elite SA50P mild build

Post by purplenurple » Thu Sep 13, 2018 12:25 am

Looking for everyone's suggestions on a mild build for my SA50P.

I would like to do a gear swap and pull around 45-50 mph on my stock bore if possible. Scoot has about 5000 miles on it now, I plan to hone it out and replace rings before doing this build.
It is currently de-restricted, has lighter roller weights, and heavier springs in the clutch.
I figure at least I will need:
Gears: 15x42 or 16x42?
Variator: stock variator is grooved up pretty bad.
Roller weights
New contra spring: about 15-20% stiffer?
Carb & Intake Upgrade: bigger jets for stock carb or new carb?

I'm not looking to break the bank on this project, otherwise I'd be doing a BBK. Just looking for some reliable power that will be able to keep up with new gears.

Thanks in advance!

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Re: 2000 Elite SA50P mild build

Post by Wheelman-111 » Thu Sep 13, 2018 9:42 am


A healthy completely stock SA engine can handle 9.1:1 gears (16/42) easily. Gears are described here. With clutch mods you barely notice the off-the line difference. Stock 50s with gears have been documented to exceed 45, (F3 recorded 49) but they're a little slow getting there and going upwind knocks off 5mph. Not much in Reserve.

Since you're going to all that trouble, for a little more than the price of rings gaskets and a Latte, a Contesta or Malossi Iron 72cc will get you easily well above 50MPH, faster and less vulnerable to wind shifts. The Keli is an affordable variator that I've found works almost as well as the pricy Polini units, to save a little money there. I run a 90 jet in the stock carb, with airbox and stock pipe in Flash 9. NO need to buy intake and costly carb$. F9'll do 55 all day long - see the Builder's section.

Hit up Swap Shop for a pretty good deal on an Iron Sport cylinder. You won't regret it. :werd:
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Re: 2000 Elite SA50P mild build

Post by Mrog1141 » Wed May 08, 2019 1:29 am

Hit 45-48 mph all day today (220 lb rider) in 45 degree whether with freshly installed 9.8 secondary gears. Full list of mods for my 01 SA50P are:

Stock bore
9.8 secondary gears (twh 15/42)
Derestricted exhaust
Polini variator w/ 6.9g weights
Stock belt
Stock clutch
Stock carb
Stock exhaust
Fully zip-tied oil pump
B8HS plug
White Malossi contra spring
1000 rpm clutch springs

Will continue to tune the cvt to find the best launch, but I put 40 miles on that setup today and was not disappointed.

Total cost of the gears, trans gasket, springs, and variator was about 110 bucks total from scootertuning.ca

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