Faded Plastics Kissed by Fire

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Faded Plastics Kissed by Fire

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GoldenBoy's grey trim plastics spent most of their 12 years outside uncovered, and they looked like it. No amount od ScotchBrite, Back to Black or ArmorAll had any effect. I decided to try heat. Propane was more risk tyan I wished to take, but I have thi cheap HF gun
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. If you look at the top half of the tunnel cover, you can see the first tentative try - it looks like a shadow but isn't. I kept at it, heating on Low, looking for a faint sheen to appear where there were faded spots. I really think the "skin" of the polyethylene gets micro-shaggy, and melting it blends the "hairs" of plastic back into the surface.. I did the whole tunnel, leaving it looking a little glossier, but even-colored, and 200% better than it was. Took about an hour. See if you can tell which half has been kissed?
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