Big Money Oil Pump Plug

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Big Money Oil Pump Plug

Post by Trafficjamz » Tue Jan 12, 2010 8:03 pm

dem0nk1d wrote:I would think by having so much open volume behind the plug, you would loose a great deal of that needed crank case pressure. Genius yes, but ghetto fabulous for the win! I was always taught if you do something 1/2 a**ed then don't do it at all. Do it right the first time. Even if it takes a tad bit longer.
I 100% agree with you. Half * indeed. Silicone.... jb weld....what the F**k. Might as well have chewing gum and an old bottle cap.

Not to mention that an unmodified quarter does not even fit

If US currency MUST be used, This is the proper way to do it.
First of all, to deal with that extra space that the oil pump/plug takes up, I recomend Pennies.
Seventeen was the magic number for me.
And nobody likes dirty I cleaned my money in the blast cabinet.Image

It is Important to have Clean pennies for the next step. Solder the pennies together

Next I measured the opening for the oil pump and then measured the diameter of a us quarter ( .030" over the size of the opening)

Four quarters with .030" off the edges (just beyond the ridges)Image

Now for the cover, a gold sacagawea dollar.
Drill a hole in the baby sacagawea baby's head as shown

All done .....and it only costs $2.17
See how it can swing out of the way just mod on my scooter yet!

Tune in next week when I will be making xtra base gaskets out of twenty dollar bills :2thumbs:
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