Oil Tank Increases Fuel Capacity 25%

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Oil Tank Increases Fuel Capacity 25%

Post by Wheelman-111 » Tue Apr 19, 2011 12:36 am


For pre-mixers who lose sleep over the wasted volume of their now-useless oil tanks, I offer the following:

NAPA Autoparts sells plasti-packs of assorted vacuum line connectors.
Find a T that has 2 barbs that fit fuel, 1 that fits oil lines. Cut the fuel line and splice it in, then connect the larger line from the oil tank to it.
Install a mower manual shutoff downstream. Use line clamps on every connection.


1. Increase fuel capacity by a quart.
2. Satisfy Anal-Retentive urges for maximum efficiency.
3. Avoid petcock-induced fuel starvation - the oil tank isn't controlled by petcock and so always flows.
4. Low Oil warning serves as Below Reserve indicator just before you actually run dry.
5. Self-leveling twin tanks.


1. Forget hose clamps. Suffer embarassing catastrophic fuel loss on the way to the Dentist.
2. Always easy to overfill small oil tank.
3. Worry about long-term fuel resistance of plastic Tee.
4. Oil tank's rubber line connector can seep a bit.
5. Have to remember the manual shutoff valve; embarassing stalls 200 yards after leaving the Certain Death Saloon biker bar if you forget it.

It's probably illegal and maybe unsafe to put fuel in a plastic tank on a road-going vehicle, so proceed at your own risk.
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