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PostPosted: Wed Nov 07, 2007 9:09 pm 
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With people now a days never being happy going slow bore kits are becoming more and more common. In this tutorial I show how to install a bore kit on a 94-01 honda elite 50. Most scooters 2-stroke moped motors are the similar cylinder wise.

A normal Bore kit comes with at least a cylinder, piston ,rings , head gasket, base gasket,Tail pipe gasket. If your kit did not come with one of these parts it is recommended you go get that part from a honda power sports dealer.

Lets get started. Before you are able to do anything you need to be able to get to the motor. In some cases it might be easier to just take the motor off but in this tutorial i will leave the motor on. Start by taking off the tail light by removing those four 10mm bolts. Then remove the two 10mm bolts in the seat.
After those are out you can take off the oil cap and the hole seat pan will lift right out.
At this point you need to remove the rest of the body. This is straight foreword. remove all bolts and clips you can see and pull parts off. If your still having problems try looking here.

Next you need to remove your tail pipe and cooling system.
take off all of these bolts and the 2 on the other side holding down the plastic. everything will come right off.

The part at hand now is to remove the old head , cylinder, piston , and rings. Start by removing four long screws holding on the head.
The head will just come right off once the bolts are out.
The cylinder is a bit harder to get off. You should be able to lift it off, but normal the gasket holds it on there good. just pull hard until it breaks the seal, it will come off. Then take the clip out of one side of the piston and take out the pin. Be careful not to drop the clip in the crank.

Now is a good time to get as much as the old gasket off the crank. its hard to get it off and not get any in the crank but it can be done.

By this time its smart to get your new bore kit ready.You want to put some oil in the new cylinder so the piston sides easy. Put the rings on the piston. the rings have to fit in the ringlands at ~10 and 2 to lock them in place properly.compress the rings on the piston with your fingers and put them in the cylinder.The piston has 'ex' stamped on it.(some times its an arrow.) that faces the exhausts port

Place the base gasket on the crank case were the cylinder goes. Put in one clip in one side of the piston. line it up with the crank rod. put the piston rod though the piston. Now comes the hardest part of almost all of this. putting in the second clip. if you drop it in your crank your looking at allot of trouble. I suggest to put a piece of paper under the piston so if you do drop it, it falls on the paper instead of in the crank.
to put the clip in you need some needle nose pliers. make sure it is in the grove. if it isn't all the way in it can back out and destroy your cylinder/piston in a matter of 2 seconds.

Now just drop the cylinder down all the way. Place the head gasket on top, then the head on top of that. when putting the head back on torque all the bolts down in an X pattern kinda like changing a car tire..
After that just bolt everything back together in the same way you took it apart.

My bore kit was bought from VtCycles. This hole thing takes about an hour or so to do and the performance is a world of difference. Top end isn't going to jump much more then 5mph. however your take off will be amazing. After doing this your also going to have to break in the new parts. Doing a break is means not to go more then 60% of your top speed. ( ie: if your top speed is 40 you can do 25mph or so) First 100 miles or so dont ride it longer then 15 minutes. Break in should be at least 200 miles. some people say as high as 600 miles but you decide. During break in it is smart to also add a little 2 stroke to your gas. If you spot any errors or want me to add some thing tell me here.

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