sym dd50 project

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sym dd50 project

Post by kekahuna808 » Thu Dec 01, 2016 6:48 am

howzit recently had my dd stolen my uncle went build me that one but he passed on and cannot help me or build mopeds so I'm on my own. my old one was hitting around 75-80 mph on flat ground fast acceleration and cut through wind like nothing. I just picked up a new one trying to get to the same specs i had. i got 2015 sym right now its got the sleeper kit from glens cycle supply so its bored out but doesn't have to much torque I'm pulling around 55 with no head wind and a slow acceleration. right now i picked up a 28 oko carb, new manifold, heavy clutch, new pully, and going to swap the clutch springs for the blue polinis and get a pg long. wondering what else i should put on and also if i need other jets than the stock oko ones and where and how i change em. also if i should put in a dio mini stroker cuz i had that on my old one, what difference would that make on em and if i need to change any gears and which ones i should get. mahalo for any insight and help can post pics if need and any pics would help me pleny.

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Re: sym dd50 project

Post by Meloshameless » Mon Dec 05, 2016 10:46 am

Im gonna give u my honest opinion here. Those parts are all taiwan junk. If u were doing 75-80 on ur old set up had to be cuz it was a stroker and tall gears. Go to and ger the cherry parts. Naraku intake, polini carb, vari. Malossi belt and yellow contra. Really wanna kill the game out there? Get his yasuni pipe, not many out there have it or know much about its potential. His arrow is awesome too. Im running the shorter 9:1 gears doing 70-75 on a stock crank. Shooting off the line like a rocket with the wheel a foot off the ground for like 20 feet.
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