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Honda Elite 1988 - 2001

SA50 1998 Carb lines.jpg

  • It's important to hook up the lines to the right places. Especially the oil line; hooking this to the wrong part of the carb can result in engine failure.
  • Carb hookups vary slightly by year. If in doubt, consult the factory service manual

Honda Elite SB50 1988-89

SB50 Carb.jpg

SB50 Carb Screws.jpg


Honda Spree NQ50 1984-87

The Honda Spree is almost identical to the Elite SB50 above.

Missing from the carb is the Oil Injection line. Look to the intake and there will be two taps. The Oil line should be tied to the tap furthest from the carb. The upright tap on the intake is for the vacuum petcock.

Spree Carb Ajustment side.jpg

Petcock Connections

Make sure the petcock lines are properly connected to the carb. Honda used a smaller diameter tubing for the vacuum line than the fuel. The mating barbs are sized to match. Thus big line ties to the carb fuel inlet, small line to intake tap.

If a previous owner has replaced lines with the same size tubing, here are the petcock connections. Follow the tubing to the carb, and make sure the lines are properly connected.

Petcock connections.jpg

credits: mousewheels, Dac

photos: mousewheels

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