Elite SE50P Performance

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Elite SE50P (Restricted) Performance

Note: This topic is in rough form. Needs further work.

Scope: Detailing the differences between the un-restricted model and restricted models, de-restricting

The Honda Elite SE50P is a restricted version of the SE50. How restricted the SE50P depends upon whether it was a general US market SE50P or the Iowa version of SE50P. Odds are about 6:1 a SE50P will be the general US market.

SE50 Identification via Serial Number: The Serial number is located under the floor pan plastic on the drivers left hand side.

Elite SE50 Models

SE50 SE50 A (restricted) SE50 AA (restricted - Iowa)
VIN Number JH2AF120-HS000001 to JH2AF120-HS017850 JH2AF121-HS000001 to JH2AF121-HS012411 JH2AF122-HS000001 to JH2AF122-HS002000
Carb Tag PA31D PA31E PA31K
Air Box & Filter SE50 Same as SE50 Differs
Main Jet Size #85 #85 #82
Gear Ratio 10.2:1 11.1:1 11.1:1
Exhaust 18300-GR1-770 To SN AFHS010546 then 18300-GR1-771 18300-GR1-670 18300-GR1-670
Variator Ramp 22131-GR1-010 22131-GN2-620 22131-GN2-620
Rollers 22121-GR1-010 22123-GN2-620 22121-GN2-621
Seal Movable Face 22126-GR1-010 22126-GR1-000, -010 22126-GR1-000, -010


The above table covers most of the differences between restricted and non-restricted 1987 Elite SE models. Photo's below help identify the parts

Restricted SE50P ramp plate

EliteSE Variator Restricted.jpg

Un-restricted SE50 ramp plate

EliteSE Variator.jpg

Restricted SE50P muffler

EliteSE Muffler Restricted.jpg

Un-restricted SE50 muffler

EliteSE Muffler.jpg

Photo credits: evilone

Aftermarket parts

Parts which work for the AF05 (1985-87 Aero50, 1988-93 Elite SA50) engines fit.

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