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Ed: This page is in-work. Engine swap info for Spree/Aero/Elites will be present along with a links section to builds. Currently one example of Spree engine mount modification is featured.


Sprees are often modified by swapping AF05 variated engines from 85-87 Aero 50, 87 Elite SE50 and 88-93 Elite SA50. Common name used for this powertrain family is 'AF05'. There are slight differences between the powertrains, research before buying. Example: 1985 Aero50 has no kickstart and a 2 bolt intake.

Engine mount (Spree) does not fit the AF05 engine. Builders have come up with individual modifications.

1) Modified Elite SE50 engine mount (nods for AF05 to Spree, AF16 to Spree)

Stock SE50 mount:


Comparison SE50 vs Spree Mount


A small cut off is made at right side of the mount. Just enough that the middle and the outside are flush with one another.


11mm needs to be taken off the left side of the mount. (Measure the original spree mount for an exact amount to be taken off)


SE50MountLeftSideCut 2.jpg

SE50MountLeftSideCut 3.jpg

Cut cross supports from Spree mount



SpreeSE50MountCompleted End.jpg

-- End - Spree SE50Mount (AF05 engine version)

-- Continued - Spree SE50 Mount (AF16 engine version)

Drill out the back half of the mount holes to 10mm. An alternate idea from 808BMW is to use the metal sleeves from the kicker case as bushings in the engine holes. That eliminate drilling the SE50 mount.


Bradthree added a hoop across the Spree frame to strengthen the mount flanges.


Builder: Trafficjamz Link to full thread

Editor: mousewheels

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