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Spree typically get around 100 MPG when in good operating condition. That works out to a 50 mile range on a tank of gas. If you're not getting that:

  1. Check the air filter to see if it's clean/installed/not over-oiled.
  2. Check exhaust and exhaust port for carbon
  3. Check plug wire and plug. Plug should have a nice blue spark, red means poor plug or wire to plug cap connection
  4. Check compression. Should be around 110 - 115. Below 100 means rebuild time. Better compression = better efficiency
  5. Check the needle jet, should be set 4th notch from the top.
  6. Check carb main jet, should be a #65 or #68

On a good running scooter, checking the carb (5 & 6) should cover it.

-- Author: noiseguy

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