Iowa vs Non-Iowa Sprees

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From Jim's Honda Spree Repair website

In the VIN number there is a 61 for Iowa and a 60 for non Iowa i.e.: 49 State: JH2AF060*ES000004~ Iowa: JH2AF061*ES013344~

Iowa models have restrictors in the muffler which only let the bike go to the high 20's mph, removing the washer from inside with a torch or large drill bit will remove the restriction and let the bike hit low 30's mph. (which in the scooter world is a big difference)

The reason the state of Iowa has different models is because of their laws pertaining to legally defined "mopeds", such as:

  1. May only drive within 3 feet of the curb
  2. May NOT drive at speeds greater than 25mph
  3. May Not ride on state highways or limited access roads with signs prohibiting bicycles
  4. You can drive one at 14

-- Author: Jim

Iowa vs Non Iowa Sprees (continued)

Carb Jet

1984-87 Iowa: #65

1984-87 Non-Iowa: #68

Author: Bear 45-70 Editor: mousehwheels

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