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The OEM centerstand supports the scooter well, but convenience wise some owners find a side stand more to their liking.


Commercial Stand

This stand is reported to be around $90.

SideStandCommercial 1.jpg

SideStandCommercial 2.jpg

SideStandCommercial 3.jpg

SideStandCommercial 4.jpg


SideStandCommercial 6.jpg

Builder: burnt_toast

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Adapted Stand

Here is a no welding required stand. If you have a bench vise,hammer,drill,drill bits, nuts and bolts, you are good to go. You can find the aftermarket sidestand legs on ebay for gy6 scooters for the stylish look. Mine uses the bolt for the frame to motor mount. The flat metal bar can be bought from Home Depot or Lowes. The one I'm using is the 2in wide and 1/4in thick.



Builder: bakaracer

Adapted Stand 2

Here is the clamp style. same like the jdm one for the elite s. The top one is the one from japan. The bottom one is made from flat steel from Home Depot.

Source for stand leg - ed: This is a different stand from photos


Builder: bakaracer

Adapted Stand 3

As simple as the centerstand is i do get tired of dragging a scoot up on one .so i converted an old engine mount style sidestand cradle frorm a mid 80's dirt bike today shoulda took pics and note but i didn't wanna break the mood...

SideStandAdapted 1.jpg

SideStandAdapted 2.jpg

It only took me nearly ALL day Sunday to do it,(one trip to Lowes for steel)!! The whole time i was making it I'd tell myself-"you should be taking pics,you should be taking pics,you should be taking pics..."

I can find /send you the appropriate hanger. Looks similar to this reject:

SideStandAdapted 3.jpg

Requires only two hole drilled - through the main frame tube! The one i used the stand length was perfect, lop off the footpegs and holders and use the 4 holes to weld steel strips to and then blah blah.

Mine is somewhat over engineered for it's intended purpose- to hold up a scooter-NOT a rider.although it probably would. Will work on any scoot without a plastic under pan.

There are reinforce metal strips in the top rails too.

SideStandAdapted 4.jpg

SideStandAdapted 5.jpg

Builder: mookie

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Adapted Stand 4

66Six came up with a stand requiring no welding, no bending. Both the stand and clamp are available off the shelf. Check out the full thread link for full info.

"They are called Batten Clamps and are used in the entertainment industry. NOTE : This clamp (1 1/4") fit a Spree so make sure and check your frame size ... different bikes different sizes ..."

I got mine from Desert Specialty Rigging in Vegas for $5.82 ea. they are very high quality and come with bolts . I am including the receipt and a screen shot of another place that was online you can see how the price varies really they should cost under $ 10.00 bucks . The ph. # of the place in Vegas is 702-798-5559 I am not sure if they ship I just know they had what I needed."

Side Stand 66Six 1.jpg

Side Stand 66Six 2.jpg

Side Stand 66Six 3.jpg

Side Stand 66Six 4.jpg

Builder: 66Six

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Adapted Stand 5

Builder GingerVision93 started with a stand from a cg125 Honda. After cutting away unnecessary components, the stand was welded to the footrest frame.

Additional bracing was added between the scooter's center frame tube and footrest frame to reduce flexing.

Side Stand GingerVision 1.jpg

Side Stand GingerVision 2.jpg

Builder: GingerVision93

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Home Made Stand

Here is my version of a side stand. Lightweight and strong. It had a couple of sections of square tubing of 3/4" and 1" and some 5 mm round rod. I thought perfect. I figured the flat part of the frame was a good spot to weld to.

SideStandHomeMade 1.jpg

Well it took a couple of hours to make it work. I may put a foot on it and a wire to help reach it more easily.

SideStandHomeMade 2.jpg

It has 50 degrees at least of static lean angle before the bracket hits.

SideStandHomeMade 3.jpg

Builder: elitedio

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Home Made Stand II

SideStandHomeMadeII 1.jpg

SideStandHomeMadeII 2.jpg

SideStandHomeMadeII 3.jpg

SideStandHomeMadeII 4.jpg

SideStandHomeMadeII 5.jpg

SideStandHomeMadeII 6.jpg

Builder: Breeze

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Builders : burnt_toast, mookie, elitedio, bakaracer, 66Six

Editor: mousewheels

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