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Re: vt cycles

Post by Keoni »

Hey guys, long time no type lol.

Steve is usually at the shop late in the afternoon (very late) as he has health issues and has had them for a very long time. I've worked for Steve for well over 10 years and knew him longer than that and he has always had these health problems and they've just gotten worse over the years, this is one reason for me being at the shop.

Depending on where in the country you are calling from currently there is a 2-5 hour time difference with us being behind the continental U.S. so if you are in the EST time zone (5 hours ahead of HST) you'll have it the roughest when trying to get in contact with Steve via phone so you may need to call around 11PM or 12AM EST to get him on the phone. Steve is also terrible at trying to hit an estimated time so if he tells you to call him at 4PM call at 5PM lol.

I'll let Steve know you are trying to call him, I haven't spoken to him in a few months and hopefully you can get in contact with him or if you PM me I may be able to help you a little more than that. Sorry you are having these troubles and I hope they get sorted out but let me know if you need some help. Mahalo!

VTCycles.com for performance parts.
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Re: vt cycles

Post by evilone »

Props to Keoni for personally speaking with Steve to get my order placed. :thumbsup:
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Re: vt cycles

Post by eliteguy50 »

Does Steve prefer we buy from him through Ebay or buy direct from him?
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Re: vt cycles

Post by S4Patrick »

I've recently done a transaction with Steve/ VT Cycles...everything went 100% smooth.

Best thing I did was e-mail him off the e-mail from their website.

Got a rather quick response and he's very good at reading your ENTIRE e-mail. (unlike some places) if you have any technical questions he's been pretty spot-on with answers/ details. Communicating through e-mail seems to be the way to go, as I have had 4-5 e-mail exchanges with him within 2-3 hours.....

A+++ with a good inventory. :thumbwink:

Hope this helps....
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