Subject Title Info for NEWBS

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Subject Title Info for NEWBS

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When starting a thread, be careful choosing good descriptive words.
TOO many examples of poor titles such as "Need Help"..."What Now"?
The title should include some specific words to indicate the trouble you are seeking to correct.
This practice of poor title choice makes for poor response from the board.
This practice also makes searching posts in the future more difficult for others.
Another item of note, when you ask for help, PLEASE include WHAT YEAR AND MODEL BIKE.
People seeing your poor title will ignore you if you if show no effort to be informative and literate.

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Re: Subject Title Info for NEWBS

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So a Bad Title would be:

Probably Somethin?

and Bad Content would be:

OK so i have some kinda scooter not sure why it won't start maybe it's a honda maybe its not wanna keep up with my friend he has a vespa and a three legged dog please help ...?

Don't be this person.
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