Aero 50 and Elite 50 Drive Belts

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Aero 50 and Elite 50 Drive Belts

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23100-GG2-751. $28-for-one or $45-for-two.

This belts fits:
85-87’ Aero NB50
87’ Elite SE50
88-2001' SA50
This belt supersedes the following part #’s. It measures 741x15.5x30.
• 23100-GN2-003
• 23100-GR1-003
• 23100-GZ5-003
• 23100-GZ5-013
• 23100-GS7-303
• 23100-GS7-003
• 23100-GG2-750
• 23100-GN2-000
• 23100-GN2-890
Those of you with AF05’s will see a 1.5-2mph increase simply because this belt is 8mm longer than your original belt, allowing slightly more variator travel.
$28-for-one or $45-for-two. Price includes shipping.
1985 Black/Purple Spree-39 GPS
1985 Red/White Spree-40 GPS
1987 Black/Purple Elite-44 GPS
1985 Red/Black Aero-42 GPS
1992 Red/Gray Jog- 56 GPS
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