Honda scooter identification and questions

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Honda scooter identification and questions

Post by romdex »

Hello everyone! and greetings from Germany

I found this forum while researching a bit about my newly bought Honda Scooter and one big question I have is still unanswered and I just can’t find the right information. The search function didn't help me much.

So I got this Scooter as is, the papers that came with it referred to it as Model AB07, in my research that’s a version of the Honda Melody. The black identification plate that is on the steering column also says AB07 and a chassis number, it matches the papers (that also say AB07). So far so good.

However, when I looked for other Honda Melodys on Google Images for example, I came up with somewhat similar scooters but none of them looked like mine.

I then kept on searching for other Honda models during the 80s and I came across the Honda Spree, which exactly looks like mine. I found only one other for sale here which had a vehicle identification serial starting with JH2.

Earlier I have found an engraved frame serial number on the lower frame of my scooter that also started with JH2. Does this number have to match the chassis number on the black identification plate?

My question now is, what is right? Is the black identification plate on the steering column wrong? (maybe the steering had been changed at some point for a melody one?) Or is the AB07 not automatically the Melody - and can indeed be this scooter. Why does the frame serial start with JH2 but the chassis number is AB07…

Next question is, was the Honda Spree in this configuration even sold in Europe? I found almost no information regarding that, or was it sold perhaps rebranded as the melody? - That would be weird thought, since I can’t find any melody lookalike.

I know that the Honda Eve and Nifty were sold here for sure, but those have difference gauges, lights and no e-start or no kickstart, where mine has those. In addition to that, when searching for the spree I only get results for the US, Canada and Japan.

My plan is to do a restoration on this scooter. Most of the issues are cosmetic, rust removal etc. This identification thing is just something i stumbled across.

Pictures are in my google drive here: ... sp=sharing

As for parts, I knew they were hard to come by. But importing stuff from the US seems to be an expensive way to go. Can anyone point me to an exhaust that might work, preferably from europe?

Thank you very much in advance.


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Re: Honda scooter identification and questions

Post by kmack »

I'm not the most knowledgeable with regard to the Honda Spree, but I would say that is what you have, a Honda Spree.

The "JH2..." number that is stamped into the frame is the identification that Honda put on it. The black "sticker" that is on the steering neck with "AB07" is definitely something that was added, but whether it is official or not, I cannot say. The two holes above and below that sticker correspond with the location of the data plate that I show on my '86 Spree. (photo taken of same steering neck location)


My guess would be that when it was imported into Germany, that sticker, and the corresponding model #, were what was needed and used to get it registered. You have a title for it that references the sticker on the frame. That's good and appears to be legitimate. But when you need parts, I would definitely use the JH2 number stamped on the frame and order parts for a Spree.

Hope this helps.

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