Fixing Up an Old Scooter ?

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Fixing Up an Old Scooter ?

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Consider these items listed below if you are fixing up an old scooter that has been sitting for a long time.This list is partial, and intended to help you decide if you are willing and prepared to take on the hobby of scooters.
There are plenty of other concerns, but I have taken time to list the primary, absolute things to do to an old scooter when fixing it up.

1. TIRES: while they might hold air, and be fine for neighborhood joy rides,
they should never be trusted once they've sat for years, The rubber will deteriorate beyond visual perception,
and will lose properties important for traction, both stopping and turning. When intending to ride daily, in traffic,
at speed, on curves, NEW TIRES and TUBES or VALVE STEMS are an absolute MUST.



4. DRIVE BELT: Inspect, measure for spec. REPLACE IT is the best bet.

5. VARIATOR: If bike has one, remove, inspect for wear, missing or broken parts.
CLEAN all grease off completely. REPLACE roller weights, they WILL be worn.
Reassemble without grease.

6. CLUTCH: Remove, disassamble, inspect for wear and broken or missing parts.
REPLACE any shoes showing excessive wear or compromised in any way, such as oil soaked, grooved, cracked, burnt, glazed.
REPLACE springs for best performance.

7. FUEL TANK: REMOVE, drain, flush, remove petcock, clean screens. Inspect gas cap gasket.
Tanks that are full of rust should be given a full treatment of soak in vinegar, rinse, flush, rinse, de-rust any way you can.

8. CARBURETOR: Remove, disassemble, clean, clean, clean. ALL JETS and passages MUST be open and free-flowing
for ANY carburetor to function properly. No carb is finished until VERIFICATION of flow has been confirmed.
REPLACE gaskets, float needle, inspect for cracks, stripped threads, O-rings new or good and in place.

9. HOSES: REPLACE ALL hoses in the fuel system, adding inline fuel filter.
VACUUM hoses should be replaced too.

10. CABLES: Inspect for free-travel, frayed, sheath cracking, replace if draggy or froze.
Cables very rarely "get better" once they are compromised.

11. BRAKES: Inspect all brake linings and replace when needed.
Inspect drums for wear and grooving. Inspect cables for operation without dragging.

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