Spree engine swap questions

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Spree engine swap questions

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Hey guys I’m from Australia and new to modifying these scooters. I’ve had an 85 (nq50) nifty fifty (spree) for a while and just recently bought an elite (se50m)
From reading all the forums and finding stuff on YouTube it looks like the conversion is pretty straight forward

Shorten the elite motor mount to fit into spree frame
Cut spree frame tab off
Drill engine mount hole from 10mm to 12mm
Mount new upper shock bolt
Use elite throttle and brake cable
Use Bullet connectors to make wiring work (colour to colour)

Is there anything else important I am missing..

A few answers I’m after are as follows.

What do you do with the carby on the elite engine as It has two fuel lines and the spree only has one coming from the fuel tap?

Do you press the bushes out of the elite engine mount, cut the mount and crush tube inside and then re insert bushes or just cut the mount as it ?
Do the bushes even push out from one side ?

Is there a specific measurement for how much to cut off each side of mount or just until the engine mount tab is central to frame hole ??

Is there a specific spot for upper shock mount all I’m working with is a couple screenshots of a video I watched on YouTube.

Where can I find the rubber bump stop on engine mount that goes on the tab that locates into the frame ( is this a necessary item, my elite didn’t come with one…)

Does anyone have tried and tested air filters/restrictors to suit carb and also some jetting specs? From what I’ve read you can’t fit spree plastics over the stock elite airbox ??

Thanks ✌️
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