Bikes For sale :)

Got parts to sell? Need a part? Post it here! Honda scooters only.

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Bikes For sale :)

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1) 85 spree project.
this is in my mothers garage. i could get pictures if interested. all the plastics are there in a red color. i used to know the lingo but i cant quite remember all the numbers for the motors so bare with me... I have the variated motor i beleave it came out of a aero installed in the spree it's like 90% done i think it may need a rear wheel... but it's really been a while.

2)i think its a 2006 elite s this one has alot done to it. the throttle cable is broke so that would need to be replaced. i am missing the rear plastics the front one is black. 26 mm keihin, poloni corsa, 9-1 gears, high speed variator, had a aftermarket ramp, pg long, oil pump delete, japan rear taillight, i have a digital thermosstat too. runs

i also have the spree motor and that had a bbk. and afew various parts i would put with the spree project
the scooters are in the ann arbor area
i know i dont have prices up. i would be willing to sell just the poloni motor with all upgrades if interested. its a good running motor i also have alot of jets for it.
i can get more info if any one is interested KIndly dm me and we can discuss a price
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Re: Bikes For sale :)

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I already PM'd you, but do you still have the motor with the BBK you mentioned? In the market for one at the moment
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Re: Bikes For sale :)

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Price for the elite S
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Re: Bikes For sale :)

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messaged you
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