AF28 ZX Oil Seal Problem

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AF28 ZX Oil Seal Problem

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I have a 1992 Honda Dio 2 ZX. The AF28 motor. I cant get an oil seal that will fit on the variator side of the cases. I used a Honda OEM 19.5 x 31 x 7 seal and it was simply too big. The seal would get crushed everytime I tried to install it, it would rip the rubber off the outside edge of the seal and bend the metal inside of it. I purchased multiple sets and its the same story, none of them fit onto this motor. I purchased some 30x20x7 oil seals off Ebay to hopefully solve the problem and those are way too large.

The cases are OEM honda. The crank is also OEM honda. All legit stuff. Im scratching my head here, I cant figure out what is wrong.

Picture of the seal. Image
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Re: AF28 ZX Oil Seal Problem

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That could be a small journal crankshaft equipped early model af18 case. They would use the same seal on both sides because of the smaller crankshaft they use.
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