Melling oil pump or stock?

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Melling oil pump or stock?

Post by CarmeloLabadie »

I just having a hard time throwing $390 down for a high volume oil pump when I get just get a stock high output for $50 and I dont see stock ones failing a lot.

quick details of my budget build
teksid 284
probe 8.5-1 pistons
stock 04 cobra rods/crank
for not will be n/a with 01 cobra upper/lower and maybe a little juice

down the road it will get some kind of FI (turbo or blower)

what do you guys think?
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Re: Melling oil pump or stock?

Post by motormike »

What are you talking about ?
Spree, Elite, Aero, Express, Gyro, Metropolitan, or what ?
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