Can you believe this!!!

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Can you believe this!!!

Post by Videonut »

So about 3 years ago some piece of crap stole my CHERRY 86 honda spree and did this to it. I've been so upset but now I'm ready to get her going again. Needs everything that's not in the pic do if you know where I can get plastic
2017-07-23 01.22.45.png
2017-07-23 01.22.45.png (105.89 KiB) Viewed 4838 times
2017-07-23 01.23.15.png
2017-07-23 01.23.15.png (104.46 KiB) Viewed 4838 times
2017-07-23 01.21.14.png
2017-07-23 01.21.14.png (141.69 KiB) Viewed 4838 times
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Scooter was stolen so i have to make it look good again
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Re: Can you believe this!!!

Post by motormike »

Create an ad in the Wanted / For Sale category for most exposure and best chance of getting what you need... :urban:
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Re: Can you believe this!!!

Post by eclark5483 »

I just might be able to help you. I had planned on dismantling the extra 86' in my garage. If I sell the plastics, I'll sell them only as an entire set, and I wanted to prep them for paint first (strip graphics, scuff and repair) and check out the tabs and reinforce them with some polymer. I never sell junk, and yes the petcock cover will be included. If you want me to pre-paint the panels (with graphics), I'll do it for probably around $300 (I am a trained pro). 2 tone is extra. Haven't determined a price yet on what I want to let the complete set go for. I'll be as reasonable as can be expected. I probably won't have time to pull and prep till mid August or later. Busy with the 87' Spree project, and the Indian AMI-50 project. Here is a pic of what it currently looks like:

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