Scoots in the 'hood 1995?

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Scoots in the 'hood 1995?

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This scanned paper pic taken around '95 or '96. Some of these "kids" are in their early 30's now!

Our street was a daily, non stop scooter raceway. I taught each and every one pictured to ride. My 2 kids on their 86 black Spree and red Aero or Elite (?). The black '86 Spree still in my possession and running fine.

We continue to have summer fun teaching yet another generation...their parents too! I'll have to get some more current pics up.

The kids, understandably, love it...parents consent required before riding, ATGATT...parents always encouraged to try riding as well. A summer fun, family time always ensues, usually after dinner. We ALL have a blast.
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Re: Scoots in the 'hood 1995?

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NICE !!!!!
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